I have been a client of UCHE Hair for years and I love that they have remained consistent. I will continue to refer clients all the time.air


My experience at UCHE was amazing. I’m so excited about the reopening of the Melrose location, the store looks great and the team was such a great help. I got 2 bundles of perfectly platinum Russian hair. I’m so in love with these locks. The selction is fantastic at UCHE and it’s offically my go to for perfect hair.

Thank You UCHE!
You’re Client..


Hi my name is Aina and I’m from Oakland, California. UCHE Human Hair & Wigs is “absolutely fabulous”. I purchased this Virgin Indian Lounge is “absolutely fabulous”. I purchased this Virgin Indian Wavy 16 and 20 inches . I was pretty nervous about the purchase the young girl from the La Brea store was so nice, helpful, and put me at ease. Tons of compliments daily and I DON’T HAVE TO COMB MY HAIR EVERYDAY!!!! One of my friend made her first purchase today, UCHE rocks!!!

Hello, I give this review because I am super surprised with this company UCHE Human Hair & Wigs, very clean and classy environment and they serve refreshments while you wait to be served first, the customer service is excellent, Uche you’re the best. I had problems with my shipping Address and Uche the Director was very kind to help me with everything and did possible to ship the order and to my surprise on a day to Jamaica, wow excellent all the time and Uche answered calls including calling me back, and most importantly I got 20 inch Brazilian wavy and awesome the best I bought. Quality, luster, softness, I love and recommend it to all. It is better to but with a serious and responsible company. With quality products. Thanks Uche for your excellent customer service, bye and excuse my language.

xo, Miami, FL

The hair is fabulous and shipping is fast. There was a problem with my pay pal account and the company contacted me right away to ensure shipping was not delayed. The customer service was nice, fast, and solved the problem. Everyone at the salon where I got it sewed in was amazed at the quality, I am your client for life Uche.